Main directions of activity

“Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” provides services for construction design, reconstruction, capital repair of motor roads and engineering structures, including:

 •  initial data collection, preparation of initial permit documentation;

 •  site designs and boundary-setting plans

 •  all kinds of engineering survey;

 •  road design, design of interchanges, bridges and flyovers;

 •  development of separate chapters of design documentation (DD) according to the Government Resolution of Russian Federation of April 16, 2008, № 87, as well as other chapters of DD;

 •  detailed design development;

 •  field supervision and consulting services.

Development of design documentation and detailed design

Based on design assignment, initial permit documentation and findings of engineering survey the concept and composition of the future design are formed, basic technical parameters and characteristics are defined. Development of design documentation considers requirements to ensure reliability and durability of structures, safety of traffic of vehicles and pedestrians and provides measures on environmental protection.

Detailed design contains the most detailed design solutions. Construction, engineering and construction supervision, as well as field supervision, are performed according to approved detailed design.

Engineering surveys

“Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” performs the following types of engineering survey:

 •  topographical survey;

 •  site investigation (involving subcontracting);

 •  engineering and environmental survey;

 •  engineering and hydrologic study.

The following equipment is used: geodetic satellite equipment EFT MI GNSS, electronic total station Geo Max ZTS600LR, test meter SR-20; software: Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2015 Russian, AutoCad Civil 3D 2015, AutoCad 2015, Autodesk 3DS Max Design 2015 Multi-Lang 5, RasterDesk.

Based on engineering survey findings reports are drawn.

Cadastral works

“Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” performs the whole range of cadastral works:

 •  preparation of land allocation certificate for construction;

 •  preparation of layouts of plots in cadastral plans of the territory;

 •  preparation of territory development plans and area demarcation plans;

 •  registration of plots in the State cadastre of real estate.

Consulting services. Field supervision.

“Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” provides consulting services in the field of design and construction of roads and engineering structures at all stages of design and survey works. All the objects under construction designed by “Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” are supervised by the company.

Development of design
documentation and detailed design
Consulting services.
Field supervision.


By the order of the general director of 26.02.2015 № 82/OA (ordinary activities) JSC “Novgorodstroyproekt”, established in May 2006, is renamed JSC “Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt”.

The founder is JSC “Institute “Stroyproekt” (St. Petersburg) - one of the leading design companies in Russia in the field of construction of roads and transport facilities. The company was established due to intensive development of transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation, including the North-Western Federal district as well as near abroad. “Institute “Novgorodstroyproekt” is focused on development of design documentation and detailed design for construction, reconstruction, capital repair of motor roads and engineering structures.


Reconstruction of Alexander Nevsky bridge in Veliky Novgorod


Traffic centre “Rozvazha street - Alexander Nevsky bridge – Fedorovsky Ruchei street” plays an important role in transport system of Veliky Novgorod, providing a link between St. Sophia and Trade sides and travel into the city centre from Moscow.


Current projects
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Central Ring Road
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